Rain In The Jungle (old post)

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The rain is back again with a vengeance. My sunrise run in the jungle was between thunderstorms and dodging the mud holes. I am still trying out the MAF method and since I am still injury free, I will keep it up. My running isn’t as consistent as it will become when my schedule settles down. So building my base up seems to be a good idea.

Raining Again

Raining Again

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Want to be an Ultrarunner?

Today I would like to offer a link to an informative article about how easy it is to become a ultrarunner.
Hope you enjoy it as I did.


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Monkey Runs

Tuesday’s first run was humid. I waited until after sunrise for the rain to end before venturing out for a 5k run. The air was wet with 95% humidity and 80 degrees. I ran at an easy MAF pace. The monkeys were out of the jungle in big groups to watch the funny man run past. They have such an amused expression of their face, that I think they find my exercise another strange thing humans do.

I have to say that my body was very sore from the EMS exercise I did over the weekend. It seems that not keeping up with the exercise has caused my body to start from scratch again. I realize that in a few weeks, my body will be used to the EMS and I will not be as sore.

Monsoon Rain

Monsoon Rain

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Finally a day without rain. Seems like the first time to see the sun for at least 4-5 weeks. This has been a very hard season to get out and do anything consistently. Today was a pleasant change. My schedule and motivation were in sync.

It was a good day for a double run. I needed to do back to back 5k runs to get back on track. The roads were rutted and muddy, but it felt great to be running in the sun again. My MAF training has been going ok. Slow pace but showing  improvements.

I figured out my Garmin bugs. For some reason the data wasn’t transferring to my computer for the last 2 months. Even though I was quick to blame my Garmin, I should have checked a little deeper into the problem before giving up.

Seems that when I made the last update to the ANT Agent, my watch was no longer paired up. All I had to do was allow the ANT and the watch to pair up and everything is working again. Except on the Strava website. It requires a Garmin Communicator download, which I have done several times, but it does not show up when on the Strava site.

Oh well, that one will figure itself out later.

I hope everyone had a successful holiday season. Remember that the days are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere. The winter can’t last forever.

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October 8th 2013

This week has started to get busy with running and more Electric Muscle Stimulation Exercise.

My runs for the next while will be done at MAF pace. I am finding that this is hard to do when my heart rate seems to be comfortable above the suggested number of 125 bpm. So I end up having to walk for short periods to get my heart rate down. I trust in this method though, and will stick with it for now. Actually this will start to show improvement fairly fast for a couple of reasons. any running I do will increase my fitness. And running at this pace will reduce fatigue and the chance of injury, so I should be able to be more consistent.

The EMS exercise has been going well. I have lost 5 kgs. and can see some muscle tone. I will be reducing the number of sessions per week down to 1 or less as my running mileage increases. But during the off-season I will be doing this exercise again.

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