More Manila Runs

Progress is being made.
My running has been through the Streets and Avenues of Global City and McKinley Hills.
This past week I was able to get out for a run almost every morning at sunrise. Surprisingly there is always a good bunch of people out for the same.
I hardly ever saw another runner in the several years that I ran in Bali. Here in Manila, I see another runner every few minutes.
Nice to see all the effort that is being put out.
My plan for the last week was to change things up and explore the area. I did not go out with a goal of a certain mileage. I had an idea of the minimum amount of time that I wanted to run and then just started. Most of my runs have been 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes. And I feel like I accomplished something when I get done.
Nothing too long, just continuous progress.

One morning I did get on a wrong street and ran through a local market area. Some of you will know what that is like. Lots of fruit and vegetable stands on the sides of a muddy road. And lots of stands of “other” things. Friendly smiles and waves from everyone there. Very typical example of Asian village life.


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My goals are slowly evolving. This past couple of weeks I have been getting more comfortable with a 20 minute run at sunrise. Now it feels like I want to get a little more challenged again.
My body is starting to remember how to run without stress. My schedule is becoming more illuminated. As always, I will have to stay adaptable to changing conditions. The 2017 Bataan 160 is becoming a race I think I can do. Ironically it is called the Bataan Death March 160.
Everyone has to make their own goals.

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Rain Run

I think this will be a reoccurring theme. Running in the rain is enjoyable for me and I don’t tend to cancel my run unless it becomes too much. The temperature this morning at sunrise was a cool 76 degrees. (24C) With a light rain falling I was able to double my distance from 2 days ago. Easy does it.

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Rainy Season Starts

The rainy monsoon season officially started this week. In order for it to be declared, “officially here”, we needed to have at least 5 days of rain generating 25 mm (0.98 inches) of rainfall. These 5 days of rain must also include 3 consecutive days of at least 1 mm (0.039 inches) of rain. (Information from PAGASA Climate Monitoring and Prediction)

The daytime high temperatures should start should start to drop.

It makes for some enjoyable running. Wet, but enjoyable.

I did have to run inside a couple of times this week, due to standing water and a late start. Treadmills are still boring.


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Rainy Morning


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Back at it!

I’m happy to be back on the blogging scene.

It has been a long time getting relocated and building up the ambition again. For anyone who has gone through it and have come out the other side you will know what I mean.

Now relocated in Manila, I have renewed my desire and drive to run 100 miles. One must start at the beginning and build up the mileage at a smart pace. I have run every day for the last 10 days and have kept my miles down on purpose. My legs are starting to remember how to move and I have had no aches and pains so far. Hip stretching right from the beginning should keep the IB stress to a minimum.

Also I have started flying for a new Company which is exciting. Some of my future posts are going to combine flying and running.

Lets get started!


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