Bali Friday Run

Friday morning I was able to get out for a recovery run of 5k. Actually, I procrastinated for so long that I only had time for 5k. My legs felt pretty good considering the long run on Wednesday. I kept up a quick pace to make up for the short distance. Some days a short quicker run will be better for my training and recovery. My route took me through Petitenget and Oberoi in the Seminyak area of Bali. It is a built up area of stores, restaurants and hotels. Always surprising to me how many motorbikes drive in the predawn darkness with no headlight. And every, and I mean every, intersection has someone run the red light. Where are the traffic cops? Kind of busy texting on their “smart” phones. Guess that’s why there were 4 traffic deaths per day last year on Bali. Now I’m done with my rant. Had an ice-cold glass of Recoverite when I finished my run.. Then off to work.

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