Last few runs in Thailand

Monday morning continued with the hot temperatures. At sunrise it was already 86F (30C) and I found out my legs were sore. Last night’s Hot Pot BBQ was the only fuel for this run. My water bottle held warm water, which lasted exactly 10k. This 10k was the hardest and slowest run of the week. Hopefully I can get in a better run this afternoon.

Monday’s afternoon run was a good run. A little bit short at 4.3 miles but I felt good and strong. My wife came out on the motorbike to keep me company and we saw a beautiful sunset together. I have run shirtless all week to see if I could be as fast as Timothy Olson. My experiment didn’t work out. I am still slower than Timothy. Looks like I will have to keep training. This is the end of the 2-a-days. My feeling is that I will be stronger for doing them. At least I got through them without injury.

Tuesday’s morning run was my last Thailand run for this vacation. Got out before sunrise and put in a pretty good 10 mile effort. The farmers are going to miss the shirtless foreigner sweating along the farm roads. No more good laughs for them for a few months. The sunrise was spectacular.

Now a couple of days enjoying Bangkok with my family. Bangkok is such a busy city. Always seems to have something going on. We saw a few more interesting sites on this trip. The Chao Phraya River seemed to get our attention this time. A dinner cruise under the full moon and a daytime boat visit to a few other “tourist” areas are not to be missed.

Dinner Cruise Bangkok

Dinner Cruise Bangkok

Statue on the Chao Phraya River

Statue on the Chao Phraya River

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